Hello and welcome to the My Dental Care App.

My name is Shivam Divani, and I am a UK qualified dentist who graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. I created this app in the hopes that it demonstrates the importance of good oral hygiene and to show you how to protect your teeth and prevent dental issues.

The theme of this app is prevention and an essential part of that is having regular dental check-ups so that problems can be detected early on and resolved easily. The generalised information in this dental app can never be a true substitute for specific personalised advice given to you by your local dental team.

I started this project in 2015 after my nephew’s first birthday party. When speaking to his first-time parents; I was surprised to find out that they were never informed about how to look after their child’s teeth and had lots of unanswered questions. I was sure that many other people were in a similar situation which made me start to research ways to overcome this issue. So in part, I dedicate this app to my nephew.

The inspiration for the app came when treating patients at Bart’s and the Royal London Dental Hospital. I wanted to help demonstrate how patients can prevent tooth decay by making simple changes and knock-on impact this can have on their general oral health over the years. I was giving out a lot of information; however, at the time, we didn’t have any educational leaflets to hand-out. This motivated me to create a free educational dental app which solely focuses on how patients can protect their teeth and prevent dental issues for both adult and children’s teeth.

The great advantage of an app is that it can be much more engaging with picture and video tutorials than a leaflet. It also enables us to consistently update information as new research comes to light and advice changes. In the UK I believe there is a significant lack of dental education, however, over the years, it has been improving. I see this app as a great way to help tackle this issue and help promote the importance of good oral health. This app will always be completely free to download, in the hopes that it can reach as many people as possible and help them improve their oral health.

Our goal was to make an informative dental app for the general public while keeping the information as concise and to the point as possible. I believe we have done this, over six key sections. I would like to personally thank Digiryte who sponsored and developed this dental app. After finding out about this project, they were very supportive and keen to get involved, to make my project a reality.